St. John the Baptist Celebrates Pentecost - 06/07/20

The celebration of the Feast of Pentecost began on Saturday, June 6 with Great Vespers & Litya. On Sunday, the parish gathered for Divine Liturgy and Father Silouan preached on the descent of the Holy Spirit and how we need to listen to the Spirit’s promptings in our own lives; that the Spirit will never force us, but will convict and guide us in becoming more like our Lord Jesus Christ.  We continually pray that the Spirit will “come and abide in us, and cleanse us from every impurity and save our souls O Good One.”  The Spirit will do just that, but it does no good if we are not listening to His promptings. 

Following Liturgy, we immediately transitioned into “Kneeling Vespers” and concluded with blessings for Christine and Leo Adamski, who celebrated their 52nd wedding Anniversary, and Eugene and Shirley Gingo, who celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary. Later in the afternoon, the parish was invited to participate in the blessing of graves at Fern Knoll cemetery with clergy and parishioners of Holy Resurrection Orthodox Cathedral and Holy Trinity Orthodox Church.  On a glorious Sunday afternoon, Fr. Gregory White, Fr. Innocent Neal, and Fr. Silouan Burns offered prayers and blessed the graves of the dearly departed. May their memories be eternal!