St. John the Baptist Celebrates the Feast of Pentecost, Honors Parish Fathers - 06/20/21

The family of St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church in Edwardsville, PA celebrated the Great Feast of Pentecost this last weekend. Great Vespers with a Litya was served on Saturday and Divine Liturgy followed by Kneeling Vespers were served on Sunday, June 20th.
Father Silouan reminded the parish that to be baptized and chrismated as Orthodox Christians means to have the Holy Spirit imparted to us. To have the Holy Spirit within us is to have the very presence of God inside us. It is a presence that can be easily quenched or diminished. We have to work at keeping the flame of the Holy Spirit strongly burning within us; the Church provides the tools to do this through the sacraments and a life of prayer modeled by our Lord and the Saints.
Parish Fathers, Spiritual fathers, and father figures - living and reposed - were also prayed for and honored on this day. Each father was presented with a carnation and blessed with holy water. Additionally, the parish prayed for those celebrating birthdays, and travelers received a special blessing for a safe journey and return.
To conclude this festive Sunday morning, the parish retired to Repella Hall for a delicious potluck dinner provided by members of the Parish.