St. John the Baptist Celebrates the Feast of the Entrance of our Lord - 04/25/21

On Sunday, April 25, the community of St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church in Edwardsville, PA celebrated the Feast of the Entrance of our Lord with the blessing of Palms and Willows before Divine Liturgy. Father Silouan encouraged everyone to hold onto their palms/willows throughout the service.  In his homily, Father reflected on the fickleness of the masses, who on this day cried “Hosanna,” but a few days later were crying “Crucify Him!” Father challenged the parish to not be fickle or listen to the ways of this secular world, but be faithful in following our Lord.  He mentioned that a great way to do that is by attending as many of the Holy Week services as possible - to relieve our Lord’s passion alongside with him.  

Following Divine Liturgy, a procession was made around the church with Palms and Willows along with a singing of Many Years in honor of several birthday celebrants and a wedding anniversary.