St. John the Baptist Celebrates Mid-Point of Lent - 04/04/21

The community of St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church celebrated the mid-point of lent with the veneration of the Precious and Life-Giving Cross of our Lord. The cross was brought out from the sanctuary by Fr. Silouan and placed in the center of the church, where all bowed down and worshiped.  At Divine Liturgy, the Fr. Silouan preached on what it means to deny ourselves, to take up our own crosses, and also on the encouraging role of the cross in the middle of the Great Fast. 

Following Liturgy, the parish sang “Many Years” for Madre Emilia on the occasion of her birthday on Tuesday of this week. A special prayer was also offered for Edward and Elaine VanCamp who are traveling this week to visit their son down in Florida.