On Sunday, May 21, 2017 a special Parish meeting was held to discuss the replacement of the deteriorating air conditioning units in the church - the original units were installed forty-five years ago. With the approval of the parish body present, the contract was awarded to John Bagnato/APM, Pittston, PA. The bid of $9,800.00 will replace 2 outdoor 7.5 ton air conditioning condensing units.

With the generous support of our Parishioners and Friends we will be able to pay for this without depleting the parish Fundraising account. Donations or pledges can be given to any Parish Council member, or mailed to the Church. A donation/pledge form is available HERE.







Sanctify those who love the beauty of Your house.

Glorify them in return by Your divine power, and do not forsake us who hope in You.

As you may know, necessary replacement of our Church Roof occurred late last year.  With Parish approval obtained at a Special Parish Meeting on 16 October, 2016, the work contract was awarded to Gilroy Construction, Hanover Township, PA.  Cost of the roof is an estimated $20,500.00.

Although funds to pay the contractor were available in our Fundraising account, the roof expense was unexpected and not budgeted.  These funds were intended for an Interior Church Painting and Chandelier Cleaning Project - a bid of 7,000.00 was received for this project.  Additionally, initial discussions had begun regarding replacement of the Church carpeting.  This would be a substantial expenditure. Due to the roof replacement cost, both of the later projects are on hold for an undetermined length of time.

The Parish Council is hereby requesting that Parishioners and Friends of St. John’s consider donating or pledging monetary support to help defray the cost of the roof replacement and help reach our goals regarding the painting and carpet projects.

Donations or pledges can be given to any Parish Council member, or mailed to the Church. A donation / pledge form is available HERE.

With the generous support of our Parishioners and Friends, we can be assured a beautiful Church for many years to come.

The Parish Council thanks you in advance for your consideration, support, and generosity.



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