We just celebrated our 100th Birthday and are looking forward to our next century!


Although our heritage is Carpatho - Russian, we are an American Orthodox Church, under the auspices of the Orthodox Church in America. Most of our services are in English, but there are times when we use traditional Church Slavonic. You don't have to be Eastern European to join us!


We have a very active Parish. We hold Divine Liturgy every Sunday, Vespers every Saturday, and services during the week when they are appropriate. We have an active Sunday School, a FOCA chapter, Mothers and Daughters Club, and St. Stephen's Men's Society. Much of our choir is active in the Wyoming Valley Pan-Orthodox Choir and performs throughout the community as well as providing beautiful singing during our services.


We hold a yearly Ethnic Food Festival, welcoming hundreds of friends from near and far. Our parish has participated in the Edwardsville Pierogie Festival and our own pierogies have been crowned champions - 3 times!. We visit our neighbors at the Veteran's Center twice a year to share Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner as well as Orthodox fellowship;  we support the St. Vincent De Paul Soup Kitchen with a monthly donation, and take on various charities during the course of the year. This past year, our parish hosted a community Christmas Concert with members from other local churches participating - hopefully to become a yearly rotating tradition. For the past 2 years we have held a Community Prayer on Memorial Day in the  town park for the entire community, welcoming local and state governmental officials and members of the community.  We hold numerous open houses with song and food to welcome friends from our community.


Are you looking to fill a void in your life? Do you wish to make a connection with God? Re-establish a connection that you lost? Do you want to make a difference? Are you interested in making a positive impact in the community through the Power of Christ? Please join us! We look forward to sharing the joy of Christ's love with you.

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